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Our Mission

We, Pride Faculty and Staff Association (Pride FSA) at the University of Texas at San Antonio, endeavor by our organization, presence, and visibility to help create a safe and supportive professional environment for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and ally (LGBTQIA+) faculty and staff of UTSA. Pride FSA is an inclusive professional organization that serves as a resource and advocacy group for LGBTQIA+  employees and their families. 

Among the functions of Pride Faculty and Staff Association are the following: 

  • To provide a safe and confidential forum for the discussion of issues important to the LGBTQIA+ community at UTSA. 

  • To encourage and promote scholarship, research and teaching that addresses questions relevant to LGBTQIA+ persons and to all members of the university across disciplines concerned with understanding the role of gender identity and sexual orientation in culture and society. 

  • To help faculty across the university develop pedagogical approaches that are inclusive of the gender identity and sexual orientation diversity present both in our classrooms and in the larger community that will be served by the undergraduates and graduates we are preparing for professional service. 

  • To help faculty and staff across the university understand and model behaviors that contribute to making UTSA a productive learning and working environment for LGBTQIA+ employees and students. 

  • To foster retention of LGBTQIA+ faculty and staff. 

  • To provide support and guidance for the university regarding issues that affect the well-being of LGBTQIA+ employees of the university in the spirit of the university’s desire to establish a diverse community. 

If you'd like to join UTSA Pride Faculty & Staff association, email us at

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