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Zaid M. Hadad, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Instruction in Teacher Education, Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching


As a teacher educator, my research and teaching center around the ways we negotiate our many intersecting identities as we encounter new and changing contexts, the authentic and compassionate assessment of one's learning to teach and empowering critically-oriented multicultural curriculum design and transformation. I see my work with teacher candidates and teachers as foundational to the continuance of our democracy and I see the public school as the one and only place in society where we can repay the debts we owe those that were, are and may still be oppressed, marginalized, and disenfranchised.

Prior to joining the faculty at UTSA, I was a visiting faculty member and doctoral student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Before pursuing my Ph.D., I taught high school social studies and was student council advisor for five years at a comprehensive high school with a specialized magnet program in Leadership and Law
in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Outside of UTSA, I am an avid consumer of pop culture, pop music, and all things Internet. My AppleMusic playlists are dominated by the one and only Madonna and with a little Lemonade, by Queen Bey herself—Beyoncé. My heart beats in solidarity with Kesha, Lady Gaga, and all of the survivors of abuse. Demi Lovato has won my heart recently and I am absolutely enamored with how vulnerable she has been through her recovery. Her new album is a masterpiece.

I use animated GIFS in my emails and text messaging because I think they help to communicate that special feeling missing in just having letters on a screen. I am a die-hard fan of RuPaul's Drag Race--all seasons and iterations. While at times problematic, the show overall has been such a wonderful representation of Queer and Drag culture that gives voice to the experiences of LGBTQ people all over the world.

Since moving to San Antonio in 2014, I met my partner of 5 years, Steven. Right now, however, I’m navigating being single again. Luckily, I have my rescue pup--Bob the Dog Haddad by my side. In 2017 we adopted one of Bob's offspring (he had a short relationship with our neighbor's lady dog that summer, don't ask) and he's
named Starkey. Starkey had a brother whom we named Harry Brown but he passed away early, sadly. As the universe would have it though, I had still more room in my heart so my newest rescue is an adorable Shih Tzu with a smidge of pug that we named Blackjack in honor of my hometown of Las Vegas.

I'm a feminist, a critical multiculturalist, and an advocate for education. I believe in the power of being authentically yourself as a teacher. I believe that we learn more when we know someone more and know they are just like us.

Mentoring Interests  

  • Coming out

  • Coming out in an unsupportive environment

  • Being LGBTQ+ in the workplace

  • Being LGBTQ+ & Middle Eastern

  • Teaching and being a teacher

  • Working with schools and children

  • Leadership

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